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Antoine Picon Architecture Matter And...

Antoine Picon argues that digital technology is giving rise to a new materiality in architecture. Scale MORE

Jeffrey Kipnis & Hernan Diaz Alonso
Jeffrey Kipnis & Elena Manferdini
Henry N Cobb Hypostyle Gallery Talk

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David Sarkissyan
Manuel De Landa Gilles Deleuze and Science

Manuel de Landa begins with a discussion of the difference between idealism and realism. He discusses MORE

Liza Fior Tailgating As Municipal Housekeeping—How...

Liza Fior is a partner at Muf an interdisciplinary, art and architecture collaborative in London. Fior MORE

Audience Of Objects Symposium

Sou Fujimoto Between Nature And Architecture

Sou Fujimoto describes the shock of going to college in urban Tokyo, after growing up in MORE

The Next L. A. Ed Soja And Jackie Dupont-Walker
Jeffrey Kipnis Devyn Weiser Peter Testa & Greg Lynn

Jeffrey Kipnis starts the sixth of the Fecundity of a Mossy Climate conversations by differentiating Devyn MORE