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Antoine Picon Architecture Matter And...

Antoine Picon argues that digital technology is giving rise to a new materiality in architecture. Scale MORE

Jeffrey Kipnis & Hernan Diaz Alonso
Jeffrey Kipnis & Elena Manferdini
Henry N Cobb Hypostyle Gallery Talk

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Miquel Adria Contemporary Mexican Architecture

Miquel Adria lectures on contemporary Mexican architecture including the work of Teodoro Gonz?lez de Le?n, Alberto MORE

Fire In The Library Alan Dressler Aino Paasonen Margaret...
Ernie Gehr Film And Architecture

Ernie Gehr presents three of his films entitled Eureka, Side/Walk/Shuttle, and This Side of Paradise. Eureka MORE

Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk

Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk speaks of her efforts to produce good urban designs that reduce sprawl and dependency MORE

Lars Lerup

Lars Lerup lectures on the relationship between subject and object and the attempt to create movement MORE

Barry Bryant Samaya Foundation Mandala Sand Paintings

Barry Bryant of the Samaya Foundation introduces a group of Tibetan monks that create a mandala MORE

Ray Kappe

After introductions by SCI-Arc directors Michael Rotondi and Neil Denari, founding director Ray Kappe discusses his MORE

Reyner Banham Myths Meanings And Forms Of Twentieth Century...

After presenting a short movie of “the end of the megastructure dream,” Banham describes his lecture MORE