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December 6, 1995 |

Mike Kelley discusses his more recent work. His overtly regressive return to painting was a form of therapy to alleviate the mental abuse he suffered in art school. Kelley also explains his work on “Educational Complex,” a series of architectural models based on his memory of his past.

SCI Arc Beginnings Alumni Event-clip_5033

Former SCI-Arc student Jerry Compton talks at a SCI-Arc alumni event to support the Kappe Library. He talks about the importance of Ray and Shelly Kappe in starting SCI-Arc, while Tony Spencer begins to talk about the pyramid he and other SCI-Arc students built in Washington, D.C. in 1976, as part of the AIA Convention. Jerry remembers how the pyramid project got him elected as the student AIA president while Tony remembers their rhombic dodecahedron and the feeling that they could do whatever they wanted as students. Terry Rainey also speaks about being a student in the early years of the school.