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Bruno Queysanne Part One-clip_5731
Bruno Queysanne argues that Wittgenstein's house for his sister doesn't reflect Wittgenstein's work in philosophy. Queysanne...
Bruno Queysanne Part One-clip_5736
Bruno Queysanne discusses some provocative details of the interior of Loos' Villa Muller: textile used as marble, furniture that...

Bruno Queysanne Part One-clip_5731

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February 9, 1996 | Video Lecturer:


Bruno Queysanne argues that Wittgenstein’s house for his sister doesn’t reflect Wittgenstein’s work in philosophy. Queysanne cites Wittgenstein’s own comment that house was the product of sensitivity, culture and good manners, but lacks the wildness without which no art can be great. Queysanne characterizes the house’s lack of cladding outside, and the abundant cladding inside seems to suggest agreement with Loos’ and Gottfried Semper’s argument that cladding is the true origin of architecture instead of the structure.