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Sou Fujimoto Between Nature And...

Sou Fujimoto describes the shock of going to college in urban Tokyo, after growing up in rural Hokkaido MORE

Jeffrey Kipnis & Tom Wiscombe
Herwig Baumgartner & Scott Uriu...
Bernard Tschumi Concept & Notation

Bernard Tschumi describes how his book book Architecture Concepts (2012), prompted aproposal of a retrospective exhibition MORE


Los Angeleses in the Archive

The inaugural issue of the online relaunch of SCI-Arc’s journal Offramp, “New Losangelesisms,” includes a selection of MORE

Architects / Drawing

“When I draw, the drawing is not a step toward the built but an autonomous reality MORE

Clips From The Digital Revolution

The consumer video revolution which made the SCI-Arc Media Archive possible coincided with the revolution in MORE

Shigeru Ban & Pritzker laureates

Since 1979, the “Nobel Prize of architecture” has been awarded to architects who were familiar guests MORE

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Waqidi Falicoff Part One

Waqidi Falicoff discusses the development of his thermochromic sun shade. He demonstrates the technology and discusses MORE

Jane Crawford Gordon Matta-Clark

Jane Crawford, widow of Gordon Matta-Clark, discusses his architectural projects. She explains how Gordon was a MORE

Dana Cuff

Cuff remarks that her talk will focus on large residential developments in Southern California covered in MORE

Jeffrey Kipnis & Florencia Pita