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Robort Somol See What I’m Saying

Robert Somol characterizes his topic as the realignment of words and things, or more precisely books MORE

Benjamin Bratton Spring 2016 Master...

Benjamin Bratton makes the argument of impetus of accidental megastructures and how they could potentially be MORE

Beatrice Galilee The Institute Effect

Beatrice Galilee discusses her work as an architecture curator from her start at Icon magazine, through the Ordos MORE

Ben Bratton Master Class 3

Ben Bratton characterizes the third and final presentation for the Architecture, Computation and Globalization seminar as an MORE


Recently restored archival videos

While the Media Archive focuses on making available videos of the most recent SCI-Arc events (34 videos have MORE

Los Angeleses in the Archive

The inaugural issue of the online relaunch of SCI-Arc’s journal Offramp, “New Losangelesisms,” includes a selection of MORE

Architects / Drawing

“When I draw, the drawing is not a step toward the built but an autonomous reality MORE

Clips From The Digital Revolution

The consumer video revolution which made the SCI-Arc Media Archive possible coincided with the revolution in MORE

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Michaele Pride-Wells Practicing What You Preach

Michaele Pride-Wells, founding principal of the architecture firm Regarding Architecture, describes her architectural practice and how MORE

Sarah Whiting Engaging Autonomy

Sarah Whiting begins by identifying a trend in current architecture in which both theory and the MORE

Jeffrey Kipnis Graduation 2012

Jeffrey Kipnis addresses the parents of the graduating students. He recalls the moving commencement speech by MORE

Architecture And Beauty A Troubled Relationship