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Heather Flood Punkd Gallery Talk
Herwig Baumgartner And Scott Uriu...
Mark Z Danielewski Parable 8 Z Is for...

Mark Z. Danielewski characterizes the text he will read as an unpublished precursor to The Familiar, MORE

2014 Grad Thesis Prep Symposium


Eric Kahn 1956-2014

Eric Kahn was an essential ingredient of SCI-Arc for several decades. Within the Media Archive, he MORE

Shigeru Ban & Pritzker laureates

Since 1979, the “Nobel Prize of architecture” has been awarded to architects who were familiar guests MORE

Robotic visions and actualities

SCI-Arc’s Robot House opened for business in 2011, as part of Emerging Systems and Technologies/Media (ESTM) program, but automated MORE

Architects / Drawing

“When I draw, the drawing is not a step toward the built but an autonomous reality MORE

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David Erdman And Clover Lee
Peter Zellner Practices & Projects

Peter Zellner begins by thanking the SCI-Arc administration, his SCI-Arc colleagues and students, and his office MORE

Raimund Abraham

Raimund Abraham presents several built and unbuilt projects. He discusses his interest in writing and drawing architecture MORE

George Yu

George Yu presents a wide range of his recent projects, varying in scale from a gallery MORE